Embracing the Sober Life

Amanda S.
7 min readSep 26, 2021

Hi again friends, remember in the last post I pretty much bared my soul a little about where I have been to where I am at now? Well, here is another one for you all.

Today is my 6 month soberversary…

Yes, you read that correctly, as it is my 6 month soberversary. I turned a 30 day detox into 6 months with the full intention of never drinking again.

I had my last drink of alcohol on 3/25/2021.

I am sure a lot of you are stretching your heads at this point. Especially many who know me well enough wondering, but you didn’t ever have a problem with it or one you let on about it. That’s because I did and didn’t have a problem with alcohol, I just made a conscious choice on that date that it was not something that served any purpose to me at all anymore or my life path. So I wanted to try doing a 30 day detox from it. Those 30 days turned into 3 months then into 6 months and still going strong.

I never truly felt I had a problem with alcohol in the context of what many would diagnose as alcoholism, but binge drinking; oh you bet. Honestly, I didn’t really start drinking any alcohol at all until around age 20 and especially after I turned 21. Before then I was a sober sally until it became the norm thing to do in my group of friends. So I tried it and I felt like life was more fun with it. It allowed my more ambivert personality to shine more extrovertly. Or so I would have liked to have thought it did…

Looking back I have countless stories where I was drunk or buzzed. I could probably write for hours about them. All the fun times with friends at parties, beer festivals, BBQ’s, and concerts just drinking while enjoying the company and music. And even the bad times where I was an angry drunk and tried to fight friends or would cause drama and a scene. There were countless highs and so many lows. Some of which I may never share because they are personal or frankly I still feel a great amount of shame from it. Ultimately, many of those moments looking back I am truly not proud of myself as a person let alone a friend. For anyone that encountered me during some of the bad or drunk moments, this is my public apology to them all.

Amanda S.

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